Language Learning (Supplementary Material)

Here’s a running list of interesting articles and videos about Language. Check them out! They may give you insights to your own language learning, give you research ideas for your graduation thesis, or may just be fun to read/watch.

Native English Speakers are the World’s Worst Communicators” from

Hmmm… certainly a provocative title, but most of the examples appear to be related to TECHNOLOGY and not necessarily to being a Native Speaker.

How Americans Preserved British English” from    p05xczvk

As you all know, English people migrated to America in search of new opportunities. While in America they tried hard to maintain their language and customs–but back at home in England the language and customs were changing! The English people living in America were living in a type of time capsule.

There’s a lot more to conversation than words. What really happens when we talk” from

A description of what happens physiologically, psychologically, and linguistically to people when they engage in conversation.

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