English Camp

English Camp is a 2-day English immersion experience. No Japanese!  😉

English Camp

The camp is limited to about 35 students. The students are separated into small groups. Each group then decides on a social issue that is important to them–either a local, region, or global issue. The group must then create a presentation that argues why their topic is so important for creating a better future. The ALL Rooms’ staff then vote on which presentation they felt was the most convincing argument.

English Camp is 100% FREE of charge to participants thanks to the support of the Director 理事 of the Center for Promotion of Educational Research and Affairs 教育推進総合センター.

2月に一泊二日でEnglish camp!
始まった瞬間から終わりまでALL ENGLISH! 毎年テーマを変えて、チームに分かれてプロジェクトに取り組みます。また、ゲームや親睦会などを通して楽しみながら英語を使います。「いきなり海外に」では不安な人も、まずは二日間気軽に体験できます。人気イベントなので、募集から5日で満員御礼!

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