Welcome to Akita University’s ALL Rooms’ Blog!


We’re the faculty directors and student staff of Akita University’s “ALL Rooms”!

Studying abroad and going to private English language schools is difficult for many students, so we’re here to encourage and motivate students to speak English during their free time, right here on campus.

“ALL Rooms” stands for Autonomous Language Learning Rooms. Usually people learn foreign languages while they are students. In other words, they are not given a choice to learn a language or not, they are forced to learn. This makes students rebel and often leads to students having bad experiences.

But learning should be fun–especially learning English! That’s where the word “autonomy” comes in. ALL Rooms’ activities are not mandatory to finish a class or to graduate. Students who come to the ALL Rooms genuinely want to learn English and to practice speaking it with their friends–no strings attached!

The cafeteria is too noisy, and the library is for quiet study, which is why the ALL Rooms is the perfect place to practice English. There is a large social area where visitors can speak in small groups, and three private study rooms for when concentration is needed.

Through out the school year we have weekly Conversation Circle meetings, holiday parties, and other events during which English is the main language–NO JAPANESE or OTHER LANGUAGES!

Please check our blog for information on upcoming events.

See you later~

–The ALL Rooms’s Team

ALL Rooms’ Christmas Party 2017


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